Sugar Fixe


Oak Park, IL


10 weeks



Synergy Construction Group in conjunction with Ridgeland Associates, created this European patisserie in the heart of Oak Park’s retail corridor on Marion Street. The renovation includes complete HVAC, plumbing and electrical system replacement within the century old building, converting it to a functional and contemporary pastry shop. Our biggest challenge was site logistics. Located in the dense Oak Park downtown area, new electrical service was brought into the building in close proximity to neighboring buildings and streets filled with auto and pedestrian traffic. This constrained site presented unique challenges during the entire construction process. The shop opened its doors in June of 2011 to much success. Most recently, the Village of Oak Park presented the 2011 Historic Preservation Award for Rehabilitation to Synergy Construction Group for a construction project done with careful attention and respect for the original character of the building. We are proud to be part of the team preserving Oak Park’s cultural heritage.

Sugar Fixe