Rilly’s Pointe Retail Center

Lemont, IL

From preliminary design development (concept, zoning, planning and development approval) thru building construction and interior tenant buildouts, SCG was involved in all aspects of this project. The odd configuration of the parcel was complicated by constraints posed by 3 main roadways. Additionally, the site development presented many circulation challenges and required maximizing building square footage by directing the design of the final building layout on a radius to allow for more street frontage. Utilities were brought to the site and additional construction constraints included the building pad having to be raised 5 feet on engineered fill. To minimize the impact the detention system had on the overall site, the detention pond was constructed with structural retaining walls.

The anchor building housed a restaurant that required a unique design to include an outdoor, landscaped dining area that was sheltered from street traffic.

Project in BriefDevelopment and construction of retail center

Duration13 months

Budget $4,300,000

Size 3 acre site with 16,000 SF Retail Center

TeamLinden Group

McKlusky and Associates
Structural Engineer

Rilly’s Pointe Retail Center