1342 West Randolph

20-Unit Residential Condominiums – Chicago, IL

This ultra-urban, former warehouse district is one of Chicago’s hip, up-and-coming neighborhoods, just steps away from Loop. The West Loop shares corner space with fine galleries and some of the city’s trendiest lofts and condominiums great for those who like being next to downtown, but enjoy a little breathing room.

This 20 unit new construction condo development sets the standard for the ideals for the neighborhood. With precast floors, minimal steel structure and a brick façade, this building’s construction type lends itself to an expedited schedule. The floor plan repeats itself for all of the residential units. With indoor parking and 1,100sf of commercial space, and energy efficient systems throughout, this project is sure to be a success!

1342 W Randolph

Project in Brief20-Unit Residential Condominiums

Project Duration10 months

Budget $4,300,000

Size36,419 SF

Contract FormAIA 101/AIA 201

TeamHannah Architects

General Contracting